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Savage Switch Style Dash Switch Kits

Switch panel upgrade to billet aluminum push button switches. Choice of switches, logos and illumination colours available.

The custom mounting panel is supplied with each kit, and can be modified to your individual taste.


We can now offer a range of colours as well as stainless/aluminim and wood effect finishes - just email us with your ideas.


All panels rely upon reusing the original mount legs for the heater and choke cables to fit to the dash rail, or the blanking grommet in SPI/MPI minis.


We have now joined forces with DSN classics and can now offer the kits with a Billet Aluminim panel for both Padded and non-padded dashes. The colours available from DSN are Black,Blue,Red, Silver or a Polished Alloy finish.


Prices start from £199 for silver billet aluminium and £219 for the anodised black switches. But always ask as and we can tailor a package for you. The DSN mounting panel upgrade is an additional £40, Carbon Fibre is not an option although we can have a panel wrapped in your choice of covering prior to assembly. The above shows a carbon fibre wrapped panel.


LED Toggle Dash Switch Kits

Switch panel upgrade to LED Tipped Toggle Switches, for a retro look with a modern twist. Choice of tip illumination colours available (Red/Blue/Green/Amber/White).


All panels rely upon reusing the original mount legs for the heater and choke cables to fit to the dash rail, or the blanking grommet in SPI/Mpi minis.


We have now joined forces with DSN classics and can now offer the kits with a Billet Aluminim panel for both Padded and non-padded dashes. The colours available from DSN are Black,Blue,Red, Silver. Regrettably we cannot laser mark the Polished panels.



Prices start from £99. But please contact us with your specific ideas and we can tailor a product for your needs. A billet aluminium DSN mounting panel with laser marked symbols is available for an additional £45.




Safe and Upgraded Lighting Kits

Headlight Upgrade Kits.

The standard upgrade kit brings the mini into the 21st Century in safety by fusing and protecting both high and low beam - but unlike any other kit ours fuses each headlight independantly, meaning you will never be left in the dark as a result of a blown bulb! The kit is very simple to install and comes with full instructions and after sales should you need it. Should you need it we can also incorporate out Spotlight and folgight looms into the harness for a complete solution!


Standard V3 Non-Total Failure Headlight Kits start at £95.

Spotlight Wiring Kits

Need a hassle free way to insatll 2, 3 or 4 spotlights to your mini? Fancy something that plugs directly in with minimum fuss a time? Then you need one of our bespoke kits designed to fit perfectly witht he original loom route and with no scars to your original wiring! It just plugs in!


These kits can also be incorporated into the above headlight kit giving you a very tidy and safe installation.


Spotlight Wiring Kits start from £50.

Auxiliary Electronic Cooling Fan Kits

Most of the time a well maintained cooling system works perfectly well on a mini, but sometimes we need help in the warmer weather and traffic or if running a particularly modified power plant.


This kit is designed to fit any mini and is not hindered by the slatted nature of the inner wing on earlier models (like ours). It should be bolted to the inner wing using the rubber washers provided to prevent vibration - happy days!


10" 80w cooling fan suitable for up to a 2 litre engine, relay controlled and covered in black braided polyester sleeving, A choice of flick switch controlled activation or rad switch controlled (at additional cost).


The kits start from £85.

Glass Fusebox to Modern Blade Fusebox Conversion

Over time your mini can develop a lot of niggling problems and the majority focus around the original Lucas glass fusebox, the connections between the fuses and the contacts within the fusebox itself, then there are the corroded terminals connecting to the fusebox.

After a lot of discussion with owners we have built a conversion kit to using blade fuses in a waterproof fusebox - with the option of adding addition circuits for Stereo, 12v or electronic ignition - while keeping everything safe and tidy.

The kit is available as a straight swap 4 way, upgraded 6 way or 8 way depending on your needs - just let us know!

4 way - £30

6 way - £35

8 way - £38

Auxiliary Fuse Boxes for extra goodies

We dont recommend you use the original fusebox for anything more than a stereo connection or an 12v supply - so if your planning on loads of modern gadgets and want to protect your original loom form overload why not fit one of our kits?


We offer 4 / 6 / 8 way fusebox upgrades with rely controlLed igntion circuits from £65!


As with everything we make it's plug and play, neat and tidy but above all its relaible and safe for your pride and joy.


4 way kit - from £65

6 way kit - from £75

8 way kit - from £85


We can tailor your split of permanent / ignition circuits at the time of order. And if you need more than 8 new circuits we can advise and build something especially for you. On larger power requirements we fit inline midi fuses for additional safety.

Stereo Power and Speaker Wiring Harnesses

Here we offer a choice of kits to retro fit an aftermarket stereo into your mini - safely and simply.


We fit ISO plug connectors which 99% of radios use these days which means you do not have to fear fitting music in your mini any longer!


The choice of kits are:



Power Only - £25

Power and 2 speakers £45

Power and 4 speakers £60



Upgraded Alternator charging Loom

We recently suffered a non-charging incident on our own mini so decided to replace the charging connections between the alternator and the starter.

We noticed an improved rate of charging and a better coping ability when under load with radio, heater and headlights on full with our upgrade.

The kit uses wiring allowing a charging rate of up to 76A - which caters for standard alternators and upgraded units.


Don't suffer as we did - make sure your battery is getting everything it needs, as the wiring deteriorates over the years.


Ths kit is £35 for a pre-engaged kit or £38 for the longer inertia style (with the wing mounted solenoid), and could prolong your battery through better charging!

Centre Speedo Conversion Looms

Fancy the retro look and swapping your triple clocks to a centre speedo with temperature and oil pressure like the original Cooper S? Maybe add a period rev counter on the steering column?

All of this can be catered for in our conversion looms - unlike others on the market this kit is built to your specification and with optional extras for a later date - to make your conversion simpler. There is some splicing required to fit our kit but there is no conversion for the original triple clock plug (but we're working on it)


Prices on asking due to the custom nature.


We will even test your clocks to ensure all is well before sending everything back to you for installation!

12v and USB power oulets

Our latest product allows you to retro fit a 12v power supply in the original extra switch panel to the right of the steering column, but also a twin USB outlet as well!

90% of all phones now charge via a USB socket, and the conversion adaptors for traditional cigarette lighters do not provide enough amperage to charge phones - with our kits there is sufficient power to charge your smart phone whilst using them as SatNav (which is a battery draining app).

We are now able to source and fit the high power USB-C for new phones for an addition £10.


Kits start from £35 but we do need your panel to do the conversion, to supply a panel is £40. Please note the panels used are all second hand so will have marks/minor damage.

As DSN have now released their billet auxiliary switch panel we can build a kit using those for £60.


Looking for something not shown or listed above?

We offer far more than just the range shown above.
We are happy to advise and visit you to work on your vehicle either to install our products, resolve faults and reapir on site as well as discuss ideas and engine swaps over a tea or coffee.
We are now taking on more complex work having completed a few engine conversion looms now. A Micra Mini in Essex and a Honda Type R in Folkestone.

So email us on with your needs or message us on FaceBook / Insta @wiredbywilson2 and we can have a chat and book you in or pass you onto someone thats more suitable. All free of charge!

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