Who are WiredbyWilson?

We are a developer and supplier of automotive wiring products, in particular independant add on looms for the classic car market.


We specilaise in modern answer to problems in classic car ownership. We are happy to take a brief and design something for your specific car and application.


We are confident in building bespoke products for all classics, with the care and attention to detail all classic car owners enjoy when it comes  to their retro racer or summer cruiser.
We offer a deiverse range of products, built to each customers specifications.


Our list of products include but are not limited to:

  • Dash switch conversions to dual illumination savage switches or LED toggle switches;
  • Bespoke switchgear mounting panels in a range of colours / finishes with laser etching;
  • Bespoke ignition wiring, especially MegaJolt installations which can be seen in our galleries;
  • Simple and safe 12v & USB power supply kits;
  • Audio power and speaker wiring looms;
  • Standalone headlight upgrade kit comprising of relays and fuses per beamand side of the car for ultimate safety;
  • Spotlight wiring harnesses
  • Alternator Charging upgrades
  • Auxiliary fuse boxes to allow new circuits without stressing to original wiring;.

Our drive is to build products for the enthusiast that wants something that is "plug and play", so we match our kits to the exisiting wiring specifications and colours making a simple direct fitting kit.

Everything we do is because we have a passion for classics, nothing leaves our workshop without being tested on our own cars - if we wouldn't fit it to our car we won't sell it.


Let us take the burden of the wiring in your build and provide a product and a service designed by and enthusiast, for the enthusiast!

David Wilson

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